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    • Hallo
      I am having some trouble with my 3verb pedal. I have put it together and I get some strange feedback loop.
      Attached are two audiofiles. One with me playing and the reverb behaves strange with some really sharp "waves" of reverb. This is with decay on about 15-20%.
      The other one is only the pedal without any input what so ever. If loops itself and reaches that sound that you can hear. Decay is here on 100%
      I have checked that all the resistors and every capacitor have the correct value except for c2 which I can't see without desoldering the reverb module.
      I have checked the ground points aswell. No problem there.
      I am now lost on what can be the problem. What can cause this kind of feedback?

      This is the kit:
      Here are the two audioclips:
      With no input: 1drv.ms/u/s!AmCN2f5i3OuLw0Mh2ek4IQKW9sAk?e=Zk2iZG
      With guitar playing: 1drv.ms/u/s!AmCN2f5i3OuLw0SXmvKJFbTQdpuv?e=0HHkqT