problem with optical tremolo

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    • problem with optical tremolo


      I just built a tremolo pedal from Musikding "optical Tremolo kit".
      I had already mounted a fuzz-face without problem some time ago.
      But there is a problem with my tremolo pedal!

      The pedal works when the effect is not activated (bypass)
      The LED is on and reacts when I change the speed of the tremolo.
      I did "open" the small internal potentiometer (trimmer) ... nothing.

      I have a doubt about 2 components supplied which do not correspond to the listing:
      At location A0I1 the component VTL5C2 is replaced by the component NSL-32
      At location IC2 the component RC4558 is replaced by the component with UTC SKTL reference (if I read correctly)
      Is that it (Musikding would have made a mistake?) Or did I mount a component upside down? ...
      I checked the direction of the capacitors, it looks OK ...

      In your opinion ?

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    • KlausBr wrote:

      Hi Jerome,

      the colored dot on the NSL-32 shows the "-" of the LED, so you inserted the optocoupler the wrong way. Turn it around and it should work!

      Best regards
      Hi Klaus,

      I have a problem with my build, not working at all. When not activated the sound passes. When activated no led, and no sound only a buzz.

      I checked the wiring many times. Also, cables are not touching, double checked also. I have some doubts on the octocoupler position, and on the wiring of the output, below. AL so it is the first time the led does not turn on no idea why. Could you please help?

      Thank you
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