G3 No Heater Voltage

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    • G3 No Heater Voltage

      Hello everybody,

      I've been enjoying playing my G3 for a couple of months now. While switching on the amp the other day the fuse blew. I replaced the fuse, tried again and it blew again. So I decided to investigate.

      When I disconnect the amp from the power supply and measure the power supply output voltages everything seems to be fine (same as measured in January this year...see attached measurements. But when I connect the amp to the power supply again is where things get strange, I get no voltage readings, even at the power supply output?

      Does anybody have any advice here.

      Thank you in advance and regards
      • G3 Measurements.jpg

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    • V2_6 and V2_8 are strange. Is R11 correct 1k? I would check it and resolder it.
      Regards Christof
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