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    • Das Tremolo v.1 LOW VOLUME PROBLEM

      NEED HELP!
      I made 5 musikding kit without problem (well I managed and solved the little problem as I'm a noob ^^ ) but I can't find the solution for this.
      My Tremolo work great with all the pots controls. I twisted the trimpot R4 but the overall volume of the system is too low. there is a drop of volume when switched on.
      Any solution/proposal?
      someone changed the r2 value from 220 to 15k, will it work?
    • Hi,
      I would redo all (!) the soldering, especially around P2.
      If this does not help, I would take 100k for R4.
      I would avoid to change R2, because this gives higher load at the input.
      Good luck Christof
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    • Thank you Christof for the reply. rechecked all the soldering around the pots but nothing.
      Are you talking about P2 (depth)?
      Wat I find Is that R4 has too Little range..and Also at max value of 25k the volume Is low.
      I Will change the trimpot sito a 100k or more.

      Thank you.