Problem Face germanium Fuzz

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    • Problem Face germanium Fuzz

      Hi to everyone, in first sorry for my english i'm french and i'll try to be the most precise as possible.
      I assembled the Fuzz yesterday, during this a chip of the PCB's gone but i shunted it (see pics)
      and i overheated a tab of the footswitch (he moves a little bit)

      But with all this, the Fuzz work !! Or rather, work alone ! I mounted it in my PedalBoard and when i connect another pedal, my powersupply cut it !! i don't understand. thx for your help !!!
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    • Hi, arkane,
      At this effect, Ground is connected to plus. More often Ground is connected to minus. Therefore you need a separate power supply for it.
      Regards Christof
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