Weird components

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    • Weird components

      Hi, I've received from a couple of days the kit to built the Madamp G3. Checking the components, I found weird the HV Electrolyte Cap C15, C12-C13-C14 in the sheet are signed as

      3 x 350 V - 47 micro
      1 x 350 V - 22 micro

      Instead I got

      3 x 400 V - 47 micro
      1 x 450 V - 47 micro

      Now I wonder an error has been made in sending the material, or there where an upgrade in the circuit. I wonder what it will do to the sound the different capacitor.
    • Be happy to have some safety margin at the Voltages. And be happy perhaps to have a little bit less hum. These are caps for the power supply.
      Be very careful about your health!
      Regards Christof
      =O Achtung: Bei Röhrenamps liegen LEBENSGEFÄHRLICHE Spannungen an. =O
      Bevor an einem Gerät gearbeitet wird muss es spannungsfrei gemacht werden und das muss auch überprüft werden. Jeder ist für seine Sicherheit selbst verantwortlich!