Screamer V2 is noisy - even when off...

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    • Screamer V2 is noisy - even when off...

      Hi everyone!

      I've been kitting a little Screamer V2 to function as a boost on an Orange Micro Dark
      The sound is great, I absolutely love what it does to the tone... The only problem I have is that the pedal is really noisy. Even when the pedal is off and no power source is connected.
      There's no doubt that it's "hum", and probably from shielding/grounding issues, but I need a bit of advice.

      I chose to lasercut an acryllic (plexi) enclosure for the pedal, in order to see through to the internal components (I'm a geek who loves that sort of thing).
      1. Is the Faraday cage effect on Aluminium enclosures really so important, that if you have an enclosure of plastic you get super loud humming?
      2. If it is ground hum, would shielding the input/output cables make a difference?
      3. Should I directly wire the GND on input/output jacks?

      At the moment I'm powering the pedal through the DC plug with an inverted (neg. cent.) 9v battery clip. I'm ruling this out as the problem since the hum is there even when the pedal is off.

      I know my way around a soldering iron, so I'm 99% sure that that's not the issue (especially because the pedal works and sounds perfect, except for the humming).

      I've attached a couple of pictures, please let me in on all your advice (I know the wiring could be shorter, I was planning to shorten this, if the pedal was working as expected).
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    • Hi,
      perhaps you might want to simulate an metallic housing by putting an aluminium foil around the plastic housing? The foil should have contact with GND.
      Good luck
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