BOR Clone kit missing schematic/instructions

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    • BOR Clone kit missing schematic/instructions

      Hi people of Musikding,

      I've recently bought three pedals from Musikding second hand. One of those is a BOR pedal.

      Now I've seen that it's very similar to…R-Verdrahtung-2N7000-pdf/?

      Except for two things: I can't make out how the two switches should be. Right now I've got the normal channel working, except that the light seems to be directly connected, which I think shouldn't be the case. If I touch the light the sound changes, and the connection isn't strong. I've replaced the 3PDT switch for a higher quality one, but it hasn't helped. The other one I still got to replace, but for now I left it as is, as I can find what mistakes I've made.

      I've attached a (crappy) photo to show which one I have. I've seen different version where to capacitors were missing (the one at the top left and top right), but I haven't found the instruction to my version.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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