Smoke from m15mk1

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    • Hi Jannick, and welcome to the forum!
      If you wiring and the parts values are correct (I assume you've double-checked that?) it's a bit strange that it first was C7 and then R3 because these are connected to different systems of V1 (V1a and V1b). This is what I would do:
      0) Check wiring and parts values (and electrolytic cap orientation) around V1, if OK
      1) Check voltages without tubes, if OK
      2) remove R3 (after power off and 5 minutes to unload the electrolytic caps), then
      3) Check voltages (might be a bit higher at V1b because V1a is disconnected), if OK
      4) Test crunch-channel, then
      5) post results ;)
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    • Thank you for answering but after some resoldering last night (i bought a heavier soldering iron) the smoking stopped,
      I did saw some sparkles at first at v4 but after resoldering v4 these also went away (i think it was some metal dust between the lugs!?)
      I haven't checked all the voltages yet but the heater and the c22 are already the correct voltages!
      i'm hoping to finish this by tomorrow night :D
    • Hi, just a question :
      What exact materials do you use for soldering?
      Regards Christof
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