My 3verb sounds toned down (really down)

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    • My 3verb sounds toned down (really down)

      Hello everyone

      I've read some topics here about troubles encountered when building the 3verb (I've even google translate the German ones) and couldn't get any help (as far as I've dug down the archives of the forum).

      I'm done assembling my 3verb kit. This is my first attempt at building my own effect. This is why I don't really know how to troubleshoot my problem.

      When switched OFF, all is alright, my guitar sounds just like it is supposed to be.

      • When switched ON, the effect seems to be working, as the two pots have an influence on the sounds, and I hear a réverbération sound. But my guitar sounds very low in intensity and toned down. It is very similar to turning the tone pot on the guitar all the way down and turning down the volume pot half way.

      What should I look after ?
      Have you ever been in the same situation ?
      Is it a common problem (but google didn't help me) ? Or do you want to see pictures of the two sides of my PCB ?

      Many thanks

      And I wish you a happy new Year !

    • Actually, I've been thinking about it and it is quite like the signal is only "wet" . what do you think about this ? How could I track any king of error leading to this ?

      Decay ads more and more "reverb" and the other pot acts like a volume pot.

      Thanks again

      Informations about the pedal :
      Bausatz: 3Verb: