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  • Thanks for your message. Yes, 239V AC => yellow wires ; 7.2V AC => red wires with the same multimeter. I'll email Musikding, thanks

  • Hi Martin, Thanks for your message I desoldered the brown wires from the board and I got 118V AC. I checked with 2 different multimeters (just in case) and both measured the same value.

  • Hi guys, I've been working on the G3 Blues, I finished assembling the kit, triple check the circuit and I just started the first measurements (2.8 of the manual). I haven't soldered the B and C wires yet. I got the following measurements : - input voltage : 239V AC - BR1 - ~/~ (lugs 24/25) : 60V AC (obviously B and C measurements are low as well) - V3 - 4/5 : 7.2V AC (a little bit high) Any thought? It seems to be a faulty power transformer. Any suggestion to make sure it's the case? Thanks in a…