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Pinned Eure schönsten Treter



Das Tremolo, sound works, but it doesn't "trem"..



G3 V3 tube glowing



First build - der phaser not working



Arion Chorus MOD



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  • Hendrixianer -

    Replied to the thread Eure schönsten Treter.

    Häßliches Entlein :D Ganz sicher nicht der schönste,sondern der häßlichste Treter,muß aber auch mal sein :cursing: , Das kommt dabei rum,wenn man huddelt und sich nicht die nötige Zeit nimmt und mal auf die schnelle ein Gehäuse zusammen dengeln will :D
  • Quiddel -

    Replied to the thread Das Tremolo, sound works, but it doesn't "trem"...

    The solder joint on the very left of the picture, when the board is flipped it's close to the DC jack, looks quite cold. There are some other solder joints which look a bit rough. You are using lead-free solder right?
  • Heidensieck -

    Replied to the thread Das Tremolo, sound works, but it doesn't "trem"...

    Update, please find some detailed photos here. To me, all wiring and component population looks as it should. If anyone has a tip based these symptoms (it turns on and passes amplified sound, but no modulation) and photos, I'd be glad. Only thing I…
  • Tinkerer2020 -

    Replied to the thread G3 V3 tube glowing.

    Hello, Thanks for the reply, It's always hard to find an intermittent fault, the amp was fine yesterday. I desoldered and tested the components, they seem fine. I'll buy a new tube and parts, easier to replace them anyway
  • MAD -

    Replied to the thread G3 V3 tube glowing.

    Hi, it seems that one of the anodes (plates) of the 6N6P double triode output tube is glowing red, which means the current through that half of the tube is far too high. Tubes are more robust than transistors regarding that but after a while (might be 5…
  • Quiddel -

    Replied to the thread First build - der phaser not working.

    Hey Axel, from the top your overall build looks clean and nice, but possibly there is a cold solder joint hidden somewhere. It would help to see the circuit board from the bottom. Could you post a high-resolution picture of it? Matthias
  • Tinkerer2020 -

    Posted the thread G3 V3 tube glowing.

    Hello, I built my G3 Blues over a year ago and it worked without problems. Lately the amp cuts out after 10-20 mins. The V3 grid is glowing not just the heater. After I switch it off for 2 mins the amp is fine and the measurements are ok. I checked for…
  • simon.bethke -

    Commented on the image Einige Treter.

    Comment (Image)
    Ich hab andauernd Brummprobleme. Aber vermutlich nicht durch den Druck. Schick doch mal einen Link, was du dir vorstellst. Man kann ja auch notfalls anfangen die teile von innen mit Alu auszukleiden. Zb. diese Geschirrspülerfolie.
  • elgreenshook -

    Replied to the thread Arion Chorus MOD.

    Moin, der Chorus wird nur Mono eingesetzt und ist in der Kette auch vor einem anderen Mono-Pedal. Mir geht's auch ums Lernen und der Arion ist halt ein Cheapo, der gut klingt, wo es aber nicht so schlimm ist, wenn ich ausprobiere. Vll. lerne ich ja…